Neuro Balance

Neurobalance is a process that brings balance and makes your brain become more effective by using a Neurofeedback training.

Neurofeedback Processneurofeedbackclipart

Neurofeedback is a direct training of brain function by learning and improving a brain to be more effective. To explain more about Neurofeedback, we need to think about how a brain works first. The mechanism of brain is the communication between brain’s cell that create feeling, movement, decision-making, knowing, seeing, touching including emotional communication. All of these activities have come from a direct command of brain.

These Brain Activities will be detecting in a form of Brainwave which is, the transmission of electrical signals in the brain.

Processes of entering Neurofeedback initiate from attaching devices on brainwave activity. We process the signal by computer, and we extract information about certain key brainwave frequencies. Then the system will analyze information and turns a result into sounds and images. Therefore, Neurofeedback training will adjust and balance a brain function by using your own brainwave.





Brain mapping

Before start Neurofeedback training, Customers have to do a brain mapping process in order to check a present condition of brainwave. Then our therapist will analyze and recommend a proper training program.

What will happen during the neurofeedback training?

During the training, Customer’s brain and thought will be shifted for learning, thinking and analyzing abilities. Besides their reaction of seeing, touching and knowing also enhanced too.


Result of Neurofeedback Training

The result of brain training by neurofeedback technique is good for a long term because it’s involves learning of the brain. Moreover, this training has none of any side effect including medical free too.


How often a customer should take training?

At least 2-3 sessions per week

In Neurofeedback Training, there is no an electrical or energy that go directly to a customer’s brain. Our equipment is for listen a brainwave then turns a result into sounds and images.

How effective for a result of Neurofeedback will be?

If we have a healthy physical and mental in a good environment, the neurofeedback training’s result will be effective in a long term.

The Neurofeedback training is not only for balancing a brain. On the other hand, it also can enhance a brain performance which makes your brain become more functioning including decision making skill, concentration, creativity, memory or reduce panic. From a research, business man, athletic and artist get a good feedback and improvement after training.